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How do you prefer your Sara Rue? Chunky or skinny?

Too much has been made of  Sara Rue’s dramatic weight loss. Personally I think the whole thing is over blown. I always preferred the girl fat.

Chunky girls have bigger boobs. When chunky girls lose weight, where do you think that weight comes off from? The boobs! Boobs are fat so where do you think that shit comes from.Its no coincidence that since she’s lost all that weight, the girls gone down a few cup sizes.

What do you guys think? How do you prefer Sara Rue? Chunky or skinny? You have my answer. Whats yours?

These are what Sara’s boobs used to look like when she was chunky. Her weight loss is your loss.

Busty Actresses

Sara Rue done losing weight

I don’t know about you people, but I like my Sara Rue chunky. After signing on to be a spokesperson for Jenny Craig 8 months ago, Sara Rue is saying that she is done losing weight and is at a weight she is happy with.

Good job Sara. Hopefully your target weight is high enough to let your titties be as big as they are in this pic.

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