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Why you won’t be seeing Katy Perry’s big ole naked titties for a very long time


I hate to break it to you guys, but this is probably the closest you’ll get to seeing Katy Perry’s naked boobies for a very long ass time. And here’s why.

Katy is already very famous. Unlike some of her less talented counterparts like Kim K or Paris Hilton who had to resort to lame sex tapes to become famous, Katy is already famous and doesn’t need to flaunt her nudity to the world to let us know that she exists.

Katy will be famous and have enough money to live comfortably for at least a 10 years or so. Lack of money is usually a good prerequisite for a hot woman to go topless. She has tons of money and, barring any unforeseen circumstances, she will continue to have tons of money for the foreseeable future. No need for her to get topless for money.

My guess is we won’t see Katy naked or topless until she passes 40. That’s usually the age when famous women turn slutty. By then her money and fame should mostly be withered away to almost nothing and she’ll do anything to garner some attention. And that my friends is when Playboy will come calling.

Unfortunately by then won’t nobody really give a shit.

Busty Singers

The awe inspiring power of Katy Perry’s boobs in a mini-dress

Here’s an example of just how powerful and awe inspiring Katy Perry’s boobs in a mini-dress really are.

I was online looking up books about journalism when I accidentally typed in the search box, “journalism boobs”, and up came this pic of Katy Perry in an extremely tight fighting, yet flattering, mini-dress. I immediately stopped what I was doing, saved the image, and came to this site to post it.

Lame? Maybe. Pathetic? Definitely.

Such is the life of a blogger with a big booby site.