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Busty Models

Happy Birthday Kate!


Birthday wishes to every bodies favorite big tittied supermodel, Kate Upton. The busty beauty turns 21 today. You can now legally get her drunk and feel up those wondrous double D’s.

Happy birthday Kate!!!

Bikinis and Boobs-Busty Models

Battle of the busty Supermodels: Kate Upton VS Brooklyn Decker


Brooklyn (red) VS Kate (blue)

It’s rare then you have two naturally busty supermodels at the height of their fame and power at the same time. Such is what we are experience right this very moment with the careers of Kate Upton and Brooklyn Decker reaching the pinnacle of their power.

But my question is, if you had the possibility of fucking either one, who would you choose. Kate has the advantage of having the sightlier larger titties.Therefore she has my vote. If I had to choose between the two of them, I’d go with Kate.

What about you? Leave your vote in the comments section below.

Busty Models

Kate Upton “double” giving me a hard on


A woman who looks an awful lot like Kate Upton right down to the large breasts tweeted this pic this past weekend. The real Kate Upton retweeted the pic and thus Ania’s 15 minutes of fame began. Her name is Ania and according to her Twitter profile, she claims to be a mail order bride in training.

Hopefully those 15 minutes turn into a full 24 hours because Ania and her large titties are very very hot. I wouldn’t mind seeing the girl do Playboy, or hell just go into porn. Why wait.

Sorry guys. In an interview she gave to Sports Illustrated, Ania was merely joking about the mail order bride in training thing. She’s currently not accepting marriage proposals. Unless of course you’re a billionaire.


Bikinis and Boobs-Busty Models

Kate Uptons boobs looking awesome in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue


Holy shit! Have you seen Kate Uptons pics from this years Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue? They look fucking amazing. The swimsuit model traveled all the way to Antarctica for the shoot, freezing her big titties off in the process. Oh the things you do for art.

This is the first time a model has made the cover in back to back years since Tayra Banks did it in 96 and 97.

This should be a lesson to the modeling world. Men love boobs. Stop throwing in our faces all these anorexic models with no ass and no tits. We want more Kate Uptons and definitely more titties!

Am I lying men?

Busty Models

The many talents of Kate Upton video

Oh shit. Genius is the word that comes to mind when I think about the guy who made this video. It features every bodies favorite busty model Kate Upton showing the world all her best talents. Chief among them being her ability to look hot in a bikini.

Some of the things you’ll see here are her running on a beach, skateboarding and fucking around with a hula hoop. Watch this and you’re sure to bust a nut instantly.

I’m gonna shut up now and let you watch this video.

Kate Upton- The Many Talents of Kate Upton from Terry Richardson on Vimeo.

Busty Models

Kate Upton does the cat daddy in a bikini

Is there anything hotter than Kate Upon in a bikini? How about Kate Upton doing the Cat Daddy in a bikini. This video is sure to be responsible for millions busted nuts in the coming evenings.

Kate Upton- Cat Daddy from Terry Richardson on Vimeo.

Busty Models

Kate Uptons banned Carls Jr commercial

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of all the talk of Kate Uptons juicy Carl’s Jr commercial that borders on hamburger porn. Well in case you haven’t had the chance to see it here it is. Never have I wanted to eat hamburger so bad.

Congratulations to the Carls Jr marketing team for coming up with this ad. Nothing sells burgers better than ketchup covered breasts and a hot model.

Hot Kate Upton – Carl's Jr. and Hardee's… by beepbeep44