Busty Actresses

Still luvin Joely Fishers breasts

How is it that Joely Fisher doesn’t have that big of a fan base. Why aren’t her big titties splattered across big tit websites all over the country? Few people on TV today has a rack as fine as Joely so I ask you, why doesn’t she get that much attention? Does she have to guest star on Mad Men to get noticed? It worked for Christina Hendricks and Jessica Pare. So why not.

Here’s a video clip of Joely from a Craig Ferguson. Great cleavage shots

Busty Actresses

Best Boobs On TV? Joely Fisher Gets My Vote.

How many of you have seen the TV show “Till Death” knowing full well that you can’t stand it, merely for the opportunity to catch a shot of Joely Fishers cleavage?

I’ve done this on more than one occasion. I can’t stand that show, it’s not funny, at least not in the haha sense and yet week after week there I am tuning in to see one hell of a pair of breasts.

And what a spectacular pair they are. Im guessing she’s a large D cup, perhaps a 34 or small 36. She’s petite. I’d bet my left and right nut that they’re real too. Fake ones don’t do what hers do. Yes my friends these are a pair that I could suck for hours on end despite the fact that she’s 42. Im not an ageist.