Busty Models

Meet Emily Born and her extremely large all natural breasts. Yum!!!


I haven’t spent as much time looking at titties as I used to what with work being a major drain on my time but I did manage to steal a few hours the other day to conduct a pretty extensive search for new large breasted models/porn stars that I may have missed over the last couple of years and hell if I missed a lot.

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Busty Models

Cute Sue Connor from Cosmid


Here’s a cute blond girl from Cosmid with a decent pair of smaller sized D-cups. She’s got that girl next door look especially when she’s wearing her black tank top with jeans. There’s something very hot about a girl in jeans. Check out the photo-shoot she did for Cosmid here.



Busty Models

Busty Arab wonder Shami Halil


I have no idea if this woman is really Arab, but with a last name of Halil, you gotta assume there’s some Arab blood there right? Hence the title of this post.

Anyway, meet Shami, a busty wonder who may or may not be of Arab origin. She’s a lovely girl with a set of tits that will make your eyes water. She comes to us from the Cosmid.net, a site that features a ton of hot busty women like Shami.

So check out these pics below and if you want to see more of Shami and all her busty friends, visit Cosmid by clicking the link below.


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