Busty Actresses

Fake Christina Hendricks pic

Just so we can all be clear, THAT is a fake Christine Hendricks topless pic. Kinda gives you an idea as to what it would be like to see Christina topless in real life doesn’t it.

Busty Actresses

Christina Hendricks leaked cell phone photos

If ever there was a celebrity  who I’d want to have leaked topless photos of  it would have to be Christina hendricks. Her boobs are amazing and might just be the most spectacular in all of TV and movies. Well her and Sofia Vergaras.

Christina had her phone hacked this weekend and unfortunately for her some photos were stolen and released to the internet. One of those aforementioned photos is as you might guess TOPLESS.

Her reps are claiming that the topless photo is fake. No matter. Fake or not, I’ll still jerk off to it and pretend that it’s really Christina.

Busty Actresses

Christina Hendricks owns the title of “hottest, bustiest celebrity”

Christina Hendricks now owns the title of hottest celebrity with big natural titties. Sofia Vergara is a close second. Kat Denning comes in at third. Scarlet Johansson should be rated much higher but I guess she’s decided to lose some weight recently and her boobs are now non-existent. Way to go Scarlett