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The fact that Casey Batchelor had a breast reduction just ruins my God Damned day!


I was fucking around online the other day when I came across a Casey Batchelor pic and immediately became enamored with her big titties. Unfortunaley, during extensive research of the girl and those aforementioned titties, I found out she had a breast reduction in 2014.

What the fuck!!!

Who on Gods green earth is given a gift so precious as G cup titties only to have some one cut them out and toss them in the trash? Such a travesty needs to be outlawed.

Remember the scene in Star Wars when Vader used the Death Star to blow up Alderaan causing OB1 to feel a great disturbance in the force as if a million lives had cried out in terror. Well I bet on the day Casey had her breasts removed, every straight male with a penis felt a great disturbance in the force as if two giant lives had suddenly cried out in terror and then silence.

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