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Jessia Simpson new spring bikini pics


God damn does Jessica Simpson look good in these new bikini pics. She looks like she’s gained some meat in all the right places. Where as before her body was looking a little too lean, it seems as tho the tits might have gone up a size. Not to mention those thighs. They’re looking chunkier as well, but not chunky bad mind you, chunky good.

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Busty TV Personalities

Battle of the chesty FOX News women


Patti is the blond on the left in the blue, Rebecca the brunette on the right in the gold.

It’s boobs vs boobs in this battle of two of the bustiest FOX News women you will ever see. Patti Ann Browne vs Rebecca Gomez Diamond fight to the death to see which of these smoking hot FOX babe have the best boobs. Hold on to your conservative hats, this is a competition for the ages.

You the readers of Dcupnaturals settle this shit once and for all!

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Busty TV Personalities

Enjoying the big boobs of Genevieve Gorder

I don’t know how many of you watch HGTV (I’m claiming no homo here) but I used to watch it a lot and I became infatuated with one of the designers. Her name is Genevieve Gorder and what caught my eye was her awesome design ability and her two large breasts (not in that order).

The woman knows how to put a room together like no one else and I always loved watching her heave those big titties around as she would design her little heart out. You guys really should check out the network just to see what I’m talking about.

Busty TV Personalities

Sandra Rinomato titties


Sandra Rinomato and her big natural titties highlight this video promoting the benefits of healthy air and healthy lungs. Santa Claus makes a cameo so be on the lookout for him.

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Busty TV Personalities

Giada De Laurentiis not fucking John Mayer

Contrary to what the tabloids are reporting, Giada De Laurentiis is not, I repeat NOT, fucking John Mayer. According to the Italian bombshell, she’s hasn’t even seen the guy since meeting him in 2007.

I’m glad too cause if this story was true I’d have yet another reason to hate this guy. I mean he’s already bagged Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Love Hewitt in their primes. That much superstar pussy is way too much for any one man to handle. Enough is enough John Mayer.

Busty TV Personalities

Lauren Blair from Home Shopping Network

Here’s a video clip of the ever so busty Laure Blair from the Home Shopping Network. If all the chicks on the Home Shopping Network as big as her I’d be watching every day. Very nice and very suckable.

Busty TV Personalities

Sandra Rinomato and her big breasts


I love watching HGTV’s Property Versions if only for the opportunity to catch a glimpse of Sandra Rinomatos D cup big titties. If you’ve ever seen the show then you know that she is stacked. Watch this episode that I found and see some of the finest titties HGTV has to offer.