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Jessia Simpson new spring bikini pics


God damn does Jessica Simpson look good in these new bikini pics. She looks like she’s gained some meat in all the right places. Where as before her body was looking a little too lean, it seems as tho the tits might have gone up a size. Not to mention those thighs. They’re looking chunkier as well, but not chunky bad mind you, chunky good.

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Busty Actresses

If you aren’t jerking off to Melissa Archer and her large breasts, you should be


I recently came across a daytime soap actress who goes by the name of Melissa Archer. She works on the soap One Life To Live. I was immediately blown away by the size of this womans much larger than average rack. She gave me an instant boner the second I laid my eyes on her beautiful and yes natural breasts. It’s not every day one comes across a woman as gorgeous and stacked as Melissa.

I went online to see if I could find any nudes of her or to see if she ever did any kind of topless sex scene, but much to my dismay I had no luck. Damn it.


So for now if you want to see more of her and her breasts, you’re kind of stuck with whatever cleavage pics you can find on Google, and there are plenty of them. A damn shame I know, but she seems like a good girl. And we rarely ever see good girls go topless.

Busty Actresses

Star Treks Alice Eve topless pics


Alice Eve stars in the new Star Trek Into the Darkness movie and I’m sure straight (and probably some gay) men everywhere will be doing image searches on the browsers to find any and all nude pics of Ms Eve. I don’t blame them. That girls got an awesome rack on her. Those titties are an all natural 35C cup. The kind that you could just scoop and and devour.

Well if you’re into seeing Alice nude, I got some pics here. It’s from one of her movies that she goes topless in, 2009’s Crossing Over. Excellent boobs. The best way for me to describe them would be to quote what I once heard a very wise tiger say. They’re GRRRRRRRREAT!!!

Enjoy the movie Star Trek Into the Darkness and especially enjoy the awesome titties that belong to Alice Eve.


Busty Actresses-Busty Singers

Jessica Simpson tweets huge pregnancy boob pics

jessica_simpson _pregnancy_boobs

I don’t know why, but I’m finding myself incredibly turned on by this pic that Jessica Simpson tweeted of her huge pregnancy boobs. And I’m not into pregnant women but for whatever reason this works for me. I like it and I want more. Lots more!!!

You go Jess. Tweet all the big  pregnancy titties you want.

Busty Actresses-Busty Singers

Jessica Simpson boobs in red bikini make appearance on Twitter


Jessica Simpson’s huge titties made a comeback this weekend when she posted to Twitter this smoking hot pic of herself in a red bikini while on vacation.

She looks amazing! Especially her ginormous breasts. I haven’t seen this much bikini boobs from Jessica since her Dukes OF Hazard days.

Good job Jessica! Keep up the great work and we look forward to seeing many more pics of you in the near future.

Busty Actresses

Jessica Simpson post pregnancy boobs, the girls are HUGE!

Fucking eh man! If this doesn’t make you wanna go out and get your girl pregnant nothing will. Check out Jessica Simpsons Huge new post pregnancy boobies. Those puppies are bigger than ever and oh so ripe with milk just waiting to be suckled out. Jessica, how bout giving me a taste of your leche? I would suck it out ever so gently.

Busty Actresses

Jennifer Love Hewitts enormous boobs take center stage at Client List premiere

My God. I always knew Jennifer Love Hewitt had enormous breasts but this is just ridiculous. The busty actress had those huge melons take center stage at the Client List premiere and judging by all the press Yahoo is giving her, her not so subtle publicity campaign seems to be working. Just ask my penis.

One look at these pics is sure to give all big natural breast lovers a chubby. I mean just look at them. Looking all plump and delicious. You just wanna reach out and take them out of that ever so constricting dress to give them some breathing room. Hell they gotta be all dry up in there so of course you wanna lube em up with your tongue. Right? You damn right! It’s the humane thing to do in a situation like this. But I digress.

You know it’s going to be nice watching Jennifer’s boobs on TV again. I’ve missed them ever since the bastards at CBS canceled Ghost Whisperer. I used to love watching that show on Fridays. I’d have my pants down at half mass, bottle of lube ready to go. And since the show lasted almost 5 years I’m willing to bet I wasn’t the only horny male viewer. Of course I’m sure she had her legion of lesbian viewers too. With a body that hot, it’s only befitting the lesbian community take notice of Jennifer’s “assets”.
So let me be among the first to welcome Jennifer back to TV land. You and your breasts have been missed and I will be sure to watch your show the Client List on (anyone know what channel it’s on?) Anyway once I find out I will tune in weekly. Just be sure to reward me with some awesome cleavage shots. As many as you can. Thank you Jennifer.