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Video: Shay Laren nude Part 1

When you’re down and feeling sad, just watching Shay Larens nude body will lift your spirits and your dick. Shay is a model, not just any model, she’s a model with D cup titties on a 34 inch body. You all know what a fan I am 34 D cup girls. I just love em. Anyway, back to Shay. She got into modeling a few years back because, according to the story, her boyfriend had just left her. There was something about him being shipped to Iraq and maybe he cheated on her. I don’t know the specifics. You can look it up yourself. Anyway after that little fiasco, Shay got into modelling and the rest is history. I and I’m sure millions of other guys have been masturbating to her titties ever since.

So now that you have some back story to Shay Laren, why don’t you give this little video a look. Shay is in it and her breasts make more than just a minor appearance. In fact, they practically steal the show. There is no fucking in this video. In fact I don’t think Shay has ever done a fuck video, well not yet anyway, but you do get to see plenty of her D’s. Hell they might even be double D’s. If only she would let me measure them, with my tongue. So yeah, her boobs make an appearance so like I say, give this video a look.

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