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The Fabulous Boobs Of Nadine Jensen

I wonder how she walks. You’d think every step she took she’d be all out of balance. And in case you are wondering what her bra cup size is, it’s a J, as in Jinormous. And also in case you’re wondering what her name is so you can go google the fuck out of her, it’s German model Nadine Jensen. Happy googling.

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2 comments to The Fabulous Boobs Of Nadine Jensen

  • I like to read your blog a couple times a week for new thoughts. I was wondering if you have any other niches you write about? You’re a very interesting writer!

  • The Titty Pimp admin

    Flattery gets you everywhere. Now Im pretty sure your comment is spam and you just want to get your url out there, but who gives a fuck. I’ll approve it. And in case your comment is legit, yes I have a couple of other blogs whose topic is busty Latin women. If you really give a shit the address’s are:


    Check them out. Jerk off. Enjoy my funny wit, or tell me to go to hell. Either way have a nice day.

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