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Busty Models

The fact that Casey Batchelor had a breast reduction just ruins my God Damned day!


I was fucking around online the other day when I came across a Casey Batchelor pic and immediately became enamored with her big titties. Unfortunaley, during extensive research of the girl and those aforementioned titties, I found out she had a breast reduction in 2014.

What the fuck!!!

Who on Gods green earth is given a gift so precious as G cup titties only to have some one cut them out and toss them in the trash? Such a travesty needs to be outlawed.

Remember the scene in Star Wars when Vader used the Death Star to blow up Alderaan causing OB1 to feel a great disturbance in the force as if a million lives had cried out in terror. Well I bet on the day Casey had her breasts removed, every straight male with a penis felt a great disturbance in the force as if two giant lives had suddenly cried out in terror and then silence.

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Busty Models

Lindsey Pelas giving Kate Upton and Charlotte McKinney a run for their money


First there was Kate Upton, then Charlotte McKinney. Now busty blonde babe Lindsey Pelas has entered the fray and is giving the two blonde bombshells a run for their money.

With those California girl good looks and all natural F-cup boobs, this girl has the looks and body to become very famous very fast. She’s already done Playboy (something Kate has yet to do) so she’s well on her way to getting the exposure she deserves. Here’s to making that shit happen!

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Busty TV Personalities

Meet the hottest realtor on the planet, Gady Medrano


Not since Property Virgins Sandra Rinomato or famed porn star Rachel Love have I been attracted to a realtors bosom as much as I am with the ample breasts of Gady Medrano.

Gady is a realtor on a popular house flipping reality TV show (one of about a million on TV right now) and my friends does she have a rack worthy of spending countless hours staring at. She’s not really on the show all that much, except for a few scattered appearances here and there,but lucky for us she’s pretty active on Twitter and likes to tweet scantily clad pics of herself.

Take a look for yourself

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Busty Models

8 hot bikini pics of Charlotte McKinney frolicking on the beach


Who doesn’t love large breasted women in tiny bikinis frolicking on the beach. Here are 8 pictures ofsuper hot model Charlotte McKinney and her huge naturals titties running, jumping and playing on the beach in a tiny bikini. That woman was built for bikini wearing and I was built for staring at huge natural titties.

Take a look at these pics and enjoy!

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Busty Models

Police trainee Sofia Adams competing in Curvy Kates annual ‘Star in Bra’ competition


Police trainee turned big titty model Sofia Adams and her 32JJ rack has made it to the final 10 in Curvy Kates annual ‘Star in Bra’ competition. Yes, you read that right, 32JJ. That’s however many pounds of chunky goodness for us to enjoy. She won in the D-K cup category for lingerie beating out 1000 other busty girls to get down to the last 10. Quite an achievement.

Voting for the winner begins next month and we here at DcupNatuals are rooting for our girl.

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Bikinis and Boobs-Busty Actresses-Busty Singers-Busty TV Personalities

Jessia Simpson new spring bikini pics


God damn does Jessica Simpson look good in these new bikini pics. She looks like she’s gained some meat in all the right places. Where as before her body was looking a little too lean, it seems as tho the tits might have gone up a size. Not to mention those thighs. They’re looking chunkier as well, but not chunky bad mind you, chunky good.

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Bikinis and Boobs-Busty Amateurs-Random Big Titty Shit

The best (and biggest) boobs on the web!


You asked for it and here it is.

I present you just a small sampling of some of the best and biggest boobs on the internet. These gorgeous women all have one thing in common. BIG BOOBS. What more could you ask for?

Give these pics a good long look. Your welcome.

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